Communion/Confirmation Party Catering

Sample Menu for 20 Adults & 10 Children










Option 1 – Hot Food Buffet (€240)

Beef Stroganoff & Rice/ Chips (5 portions)

Chicken Curry & Rice (10 portions)

Homemade Beef Lasagne (5 portions)

Children’s Platter (10 portions)


Option 2 – Cold Food Platter (€190)

A Selection of Large Mixed Meat Platters.

(All Platters are served with a choice of 2 salads and a selection of bread rolls)

Option 3 – Full Waiting Service with Hot & Cold Buffet with Crockery/Delph Included (€400).  Subject to availability

Two members of our staff will set up the food & cutlery/delph, serve the food & clean up after the service.



Please Call or Email to Change or Customise Your Order